Work from Home Systems

Systems. We all have them. Whether it’s at work or home- systems are how we get things done. We just may not have them...

Ampersand Paper Goods

An ampersand is an invitation to imagine what will come next. It is a continuation of a conversation, plan or story. ⁣

When the symbol...

Creating Memories and Storing Them with Paper Goods

The Paper & Plan Co was founded on memories and creating them.

When I was 8 years old I remember the Easter Bunny...
Clutter Stifles Clarity

Clutter Stifles Clarity

Imagine driving through fog so thick you can hardly see in front of you. You clench the wheel to stay on course, eyes wide...
Get Organized

How Can I Get Organized?

6 Tips for the common question of, “How can I get organized?” ⁣

1) Write out your plan everyday.⁣

2) Always include 5 top tasks each...
Tips for 2021

Get Organized with Five Tips for 2021

5 tips to step into 2021:⁣

1) Inventory your day. How are your spending your time? Where are you wasting time & how could...
Work Space

Your Home & Office Should be a Work Space, not a Storage Space

Refresh, reset & renew. Take 30 mins today to tidy, trash & take inventory of your space.⁣

What serves you and what no longer does?⁣

Core Values

The Paper & Plan Company: Our Core Values

The heart of our company is based around our 9 core values that we live by:

▪️Never Compromise Truth⁣
▪️Act With Honesty And Integrity⁣
▪️Show Appreciation And...
Planning the Week

Preparing for the Week Ahead

How do you prepare for the week ahead? One thing I always find super helpful is to take 30-60 mins and plan out your...
Daily Routine

Your Future is Hidden in Your Daily Routine

What you do today, tomorrow and everyday after that compounds to build the life you desire. ⁣

Your routine can be a positive one or...