The Power of Saying Thank You (and How to Do It)

If you're feeling preoccupied and too busy to reflect in your daily life, you might be missing out on a powerful opportunity to say thank you. Saying thanks and expressing gratitude offer untold benefits, including improving our relationships and physical health. You'll also learn to form a deeper connection with yourself and recognizing the good things going on around you in life. Learn how powerful a thank you is and how to do it right.

The Benefits of Saying Thank You

Saying thank you instantly shows someone you appreciate and acknowledge their talents and presence in your life. You could even look at thank you as a way to celebrate someone's contribution, whether they rang-up your groceries at the store or dropped everything to help you during a family emergency.

Saying a heartfelt thanks also makes us happier and healthier and maintains quality relationships in our life. As a result, we end up with endorphins that energize us instead of leaving us feeling depleted.

Write Someone a Thank You Note

If you have trouble verbalizing your thank you or just live far away, you can send a note instead. It's an unexpected treat in a mailbox full of junk mail and bills. It also tells someone you're thinking of them and took the time to sit down and write out a thank you to create a meaningful moment.

Stay organized with your thank you habit by jotting down everyone you want to express your gratitude. Our innovative yet simple Thank You Keeper Notepad reminds you who to thank and for what reason. When you make your call or send out a thank you note, you can check it off the list.

Say Thank You At Home

Sometimes the people who need to hear thank you the most are in your own home. It's easy to overlook the efforts of our family and loved ones when domestic chores and responsibilities distract us from the big picture.

Taking a moment to give a verbal, heartfelt thank you is one way to express your gratitude. But you can also make a special dinner, plan an at-home movie night, or take over a dreaded chore to show them how much you care and value them.

Express Thanks at Work

Research shows that workers want a written thank you delivered one-on-one for a job well done, but few people ever get one. Yet a simple thank you note is a missed opportunity to make employees feel valued for their time and like their work matters.

Whether you're a supervisor or an employee, being thanked at work can dramatically impact the environment around you. Give thanks to everyone who deserves the sentiment, whether they took out the trash or completed an assignment on time and with attention to detail. 

Give Yourself Thanks

It's beneficial to your mental well-being and health to thank those around you, but you can also give thanks to yourself. Take a walk or a weekend getaway to reward yourself for your accomplishment or getting through a hard day. Simple moments of reflection and self-appreciation are essential for your self-esteem and help reinforce the connection you have with yourself.

If you have a bad habit of never making time for yourself, add your thankfulness practice to your daily planner. A few minutes once a day is all it takes to tell yourself and those around you, thank you.

Practice Radical Gratitude

Radical gratitude is more than a thank you for the good moments that come your way; it also embraces the negative aspects of life and reframing them as opportunities and learning moments. For example, you can thank those challenges at work for helping take your skills to new levels. Of course, the goal isn't to stay in denial about the bad situations in your life but look at how they can improve your life or acknowledge how capable you are of overcoming them.

Next Steps

Ready to make the most out of saying "thank you" to everyone in your life? Stay organized with your new habit by browsing our notepads, pens, and other tools here.

January 09, 2023