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If you're struggling with a bad mood and feel like you picked it up out of nowhere, you might be right. Studies show that bad moods really do spread faster than good ones and can be tough to shake. The good news is you can take control of your mood and give it a boost. Try one of these ideas and feel your frustration and stressors fade away.

Declutter One Area at a Time

When dealing with clutter, you inevitably feel stressed and frustrated with your environment. Getting rid of all the excess stuff could improve your mood and help you feel more in control.

Make sure you take things one step at a time. There's no need to try to declutter your entire home in one day. Instead, tackle your desk or kitchen and move on to different areas each week.

Start Organizing 

Just like decluttering, organizing can boost your mood and improve your outlook. But there's more to do than organize your drawers and clutter. You can also get more control over your life with the help of our daily planners.

Pick up one of our daily planners with a dedicated area to jot down notes, top must-do's, a notes section, and an interior front pocket. There's also a place to focus on your health with fitness goals and meal planning.

Daily planners and organization

Listen to Upbeat Music

Research shows that music affects our emotions. Happy, upbeat music triggers dopamine and serotonin, which promotes feelings of joy and happiness. So if you love melancholy music, you may need to change up your tunes to give your mood a boost. If you're feeling overwhelmed and stressed, try changing your mindset with calm, relaxing music. 

Take a Walk

When you take a walk or enjoy some exercise, it increases blood flow and circulation throughout your body and your brain. You're likely to enjoy less stress and happier feelings than just a few minutes before. A walk outdoors is the perfect break nearly any time of day and doesn't require changing into gym clothes or doing anything but putting on your shoes.

If you can't squeeze in a walk, stand up and do some jumping jacks or indulge in some stretches. Even if you're slammed with work, there are always a few minutes in the day for a stretch.

Journal Your Gratitude

There's power in expressing gratitude through a conversation or journal. Research shows gratitude reduces stress, depression, and anxiety while boosting your mood.

Of course, there are always times we feel we have nothing to feel gratitude over. You can start small and jot down that you're grateful for the sunshine outdoors or the friend you texted that morning. If you're new to journaling or struggle with staying motivated, make it fun and reach for a pack of Royalty Pens the next time you grab your gratitude journal.

Get Out Your Favorite Scents

The power of scent significantly impacts your mood and can produce immediate results. Lavender is popular as a stress reducer or to relax before bedtime. Jasmine's sweet smell is known to soothe and create more optimism, and citrus inspires feelings of the outdoors and sunshine. 

There's no rule about how to use scents. Choose the ones that naturally make you feel good and put you in the mindset you're looking for. 

Pay It Forward

Have you ever done something nice for someone, like flash a smile or compliment their bag for no reason? You already know it feels good to make someone else happy. Make a commitment to do something nice for someone, like buy the person behind you at the coffee shop a cup and wish them a good day.

Wake Up Earlier

Getting enough sleep is crucial to a good, sustainable mood. But once your rest is under control, waking up a bit earlier can go a long way in improving your mood. 

Set your alarm to 15 to 30 minutes before you usually rise and get organized for the day. Knock out those dreaded chores while your brain is warming up, like getting the laundry or taking out the trash. When your time is up, sit down with a cup of coffee or tea and enjoy a few minutes to yourself. You'll start the day feeling refreshed and ready to go. 

Plan Something Fun

You may not be able to do anything about your busy work schedule or family issue, but you can give yourself something to look forward to. Plan something fun for yourself, whether an overnight getaway or an indulgent lunch with a friend.

The key is to commit and give yourself permission to have fun. Put it in your daily planner and block time for whatever you choose. Think of it as a gift to yourself, and practice self-care and love while you're at it. 

Ready to tackle your day and give your mood a boost? Pick and choose your favorite ideas from this list and grab some of our organizational tools to get started. Choose from our planners, accessories, writing tools, and more from our favorite collections here.


September 15, 2022