What Is Executive Function (and Why You Need It In Your Life)

Are you struggling to stay organized and motivated throughout your day? You may need help strengthening your executive function skills. From goal setting to following through on asks, here's how executive function impacts your day and ideas to refine your skills. 

What Is Executive Function? 

Executive function is a set of mental skills you use to manage your daily routine, goals, and challenges. They include your working memory, how flexible you can think through issues and projects, and self-control. Everyone uses executive function in everyday life, but when you don't know how to make the most of those skills, you may feel challenged or frustrated. 

How Does Executive Function Impact Your Life?

Think of your executive functioning ability as the management system of your brain that helps you set goals, plan, and get things done. When you struggle with executive function, it's challenging to focus, get a handle on your emotions, self-direct your learning or work projects, and follow through with directions. 

Researchers talk a lot about executive function in children, but it's just as important in adults. It ultimately helps develop teamwork, leadership abilities, critical thinking, adaptability, and overall decision-making in life and work.

Here are a few ways executive function impacts your daily life:

  • Studying or reading and applying what's learned
  • Working with a group
  • Cleaning your office
  • Finishing a thesis project
  • Cooking
  • Packing and moving
  • Creating lesson plans
  • Traveling to a new destination

How Do You Learn Executive Function?

Some people may have stronger executive function skills than others, but you're not born with the ability. As we age, we learn how to socialize, manage our time, and take directions in school and work. 

Although we aren't necessarily born with executive functioning ability, there are ways to learn it. Creating a rock-solid routine with predictability and scheduled time for your projects is one place to start. Relying on reminders, using a calendar, and approaching your organization in simple, manageable tasks all help strengthen your skills in executive function.

What Tools Can I Use For Executive Function

Strengthening your executive function requires tools and processes for staying organized and moving through your day. Here are some of our favorite tools to help.

Daily Planner

Our daily planners are ideal for keeping track of your day, logging your top must-dos, planning out your meals, and reviewing your entire month in one place. We also include an interior front pocket to manage receipts and other papers you need to save for later.

Weekly Mousepad Calendar

A simple calendar is surprisingly powerful for tracking your day and seeing what's ahead. We created a weekly mousepad calendar, so all your most important information is accessible by the week. With high-quality paper, the ink won't bleed through and derail your organization efforts.

Task Pad 

A daily to-do list is essential to help manage challenges and tackle those large to small details. Grab our straightforward but effective Task Pad to keep track of your project or to-do for the day.

Signature "&" Sticky Notes 2-Pack

Sometimes you need a quick go-to to jot down reminders or organize your paperwork while on a call. These Signature "&" Sticky Notes stick to your desk, monitor, door, or anywhere you need a quick reminder to help complete a task at hand.

Get It Done Pad

Check all the boxes off your list with this convenient Get It Done Pad. It features 80# heavy card stock paper that's thick and ideal for tearing off as you go. 

Next Steps

Ready to get on top of decluttering and organization? Pick and choose your favorite ideas from our list and grab some of our organizational tools to get started. Choose from our planners, accessories, pens, and more from our favorite organization tools here.

November 09, 2022