8 Unique Ways to Use Your Planner

A planner is more than just for housing and organizing your events, activities, and to-do lists. It can also be used in fun creative ways to add more value and organization to your life! Or if you’re looking for creative ways to maximize your planner, there are other ways to use it. Check out our favorite unique ways to use your Paper & Plan Co. planner

woman using planner

Use Your Planner as a Logbook 

Instead of using your planner to log future events, use it to track the present. This is a great tool for tracking diet and lifestyle changes or if you’re adding a new habit into your life. Some ideas for logs are writing down what happened in the day, the highlights of the day, things to be grateful for that day, etc. Showing appreciation and gratitude is one of our core values so we love the idea of tracking what you’re grateful for every day!

Track Your Routine

As mentioned above, you can use your planner to help track new habits and diet and lifestyle changes. A planner is a great tool if you’re trying to focus on health and want to track your diet and workouts. You can track what you ate that day, how it made you feel, and the workout of the day. Tracking metrics like this lets you see patterns in your diet and progress in your workouts. 

Schedule Your Hobbies in Advance

A planner is most notably used to track future events, but have you thought about using your planner specifically for your hobby? If you’re a passionate soccer fan or follower of the latest episodes, you can use your planner to schedule out your calendar with the things you want to see like when games are playing or when the latest episodes come out. If you’re a big movie buff, this can help you schedule when you should see the new film! 

Feel Accomplished

Instead of using your planner to track what you need to do, track what you already have done. Not only will this motivate you to get more done so you can write it in the planner, but it helps you acknowledge all the work you do in a day. It’s so easy to overlook our everyday habits and goals, but when you start tracking them, you can see your progress. You can make it fun and add a reward at the end of every day, week, or month too! We’re all about personal accountability at Paper & Plan Co.

Turn Your Planner into a Cookbook

Your planner can be used to not just track new diet changes, but to create and edit them too! You can use your planner into a cookbook and log what recipes you want to try, how it turned out, and your thoughts on it. This is a simple and easy way to take your diet into your own hands and make trying new recipes fun! 

Use Your Planner as Inspiration 

Every day, week, and month can be an inspiration for you if you use it right. Create your planner so there’s an inspiring quote for each day, week, or month to help you start your day on a positive note! Just a simple sentence or a few words can help you find your motivation again. 

paper and plan co planner quote inspiration

Self Reflect

Utilize the days of the week to reflect on your day and how you felt. Taking notice of your thoughts and feelings is a powerful way to recognize what’s happening in your body and mind. If you notice you’re angry one day, you can see what happened the days before that might’ve led up to that change. Recognizing your emotions can help you take your emotions into your hands and not let them control you. 

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Manifest Your Dreams

Whether you believe in the power of manifestation or not, there is power is writing down your dreams and goal and seeing them every day. Every day, week, or month you can do one action that brings you closer to your dream and goal. When it comes to reaching your dreams, it matters more that you take a small step every day versus big steps every once in a while. If you opt for doing something once a day, you’re more likely to see progress and stay motivated. For example, if your dream is to run a marathon. You can start small by walking a walk every day, and then every couple of days. Once you've mastered walking, then run once a day, and slowly increasing the mileage. And before you know it, you’ve done it! Having fun and thinking big is another one of our values so we love using our planner to create your dreams.

Buy your planner today and use it to track, log, create, manifest, and so much more! If you need the writing tools to help you utilize the planner, check out our writing tools or bundles here

July 14, 2022