The Paper & Plan Co was founded on memories and creating them.

When I was 8 years old I remember the Easter Bunny delivering a basket overflowing with beautiful, bright & exciting papers, pens, stickers, folders & more. It sparked my love of everything stationery and soon back to school shopping for supplies became my most favorite shopping trip of the year to see what was new in the stationery aisle. To me there was always a special kind of confidence that came with brand new notebooks and sharp pencils. This enjoyment of all things paper took on a different meaning as I grew older.

In my early 20’s after my grandpa passed away, I remember looking through photos with my grandma on the floor of a spare bedroom from an old red worn leather photo album. Within that album she had a stack of love letters my grandpa wrote to her. I looked through those letters with her as tears formed in her eyes, I was in awe of the beauty of this time capsule we were holding. There was so much personality to this paper. It wasn’t an email or a was my grandpa's time, emotions & pure love documented for eternity. I remember thinking at that moment that I wanted loved ones to have those kinds of things from me that they could cherish & have it mean to them what I saw in my grandma's eyes that day.

As the years went on, my excitement & product ideas grew and The Paper & Plan Co was born! Founded on the principle of traditional luxury meets modern design. Beautifully crafted quality paper goods and the art of proper instruments is our passion.

In a world full of technology, we believe in tradition and it is our mission to strengthen this tradition in a very stylish way.

Our Mission

The Paper & Plan Co was founded on the principle of traditional luxury meets modern design. It is our mission to create beautifully crafted quality paper goods & writing instruments you will enjoy & can take pride in.

The heart of our company is based around our 9 core values that we live by:
  1. Never Compromise Truth
  2. Act With Honesty And Integrity
  3. Show Appreciation And Gratitude
  4. Promote A Culture Of Innovation And Continuous Improvement
  5. Respect the Potential And Significance Of Every Person
  6. Have Fun And Think Big
  7. Make It Your Best Work
  8. Personal Accountability
  9. Relationship First Mentality