Get Organized
6 Tips for the common question of, “How can I get organized?” ⁣

1) Write out your plan everyday.⁣

2) Always include 5 top tasks each day. That you MUST complete. ⁣

3) Create a 1 page plan (see planner layout 😉) for ease of reference. Stop juggling multiple planners/ notebooks. You’re adding more work that way. ⁣

4) Always schedule deadlines, appointments & events first.⁣

5) Start each task with a verb “write”, “complete”, “research”, “approve”..this shift in choice words creates actionable steps. ⁣

6) Carve out time to sit & plan your days. This isn’t a huge task- just 20-30 min a week is really all it takes!
March 03, 2021