Tips for 2021
5 tips to step into 2021:⁣

1) Inventory your day. How are your spending your time? Where are you wasting time & how could you be more productive?⁣

2) Plan time for you. Make it an appointment with yourself. Every Thursday is my “dungeon day”; I take no meetings, calls or appointments and focus on my work and back office type items then the rest of the day is mine to spend as I wish. ⁣

3) Create a vision board: physical or digital include short and long term goals. ⁣

4) Learn the art of saying “No”. Saying no to things that don’t align with you, your goals or simply don’t light you up- gracefully say no. By saying no, you’re saying “yes” to more that will help you feel fulfilled, closer to your goals and more sense of peace. ⁣

5) Make a book list. These books should be something that will expand your mind in any way- self development, spiritual, mindset, etc. We are like plants growing and reading is the fertilizer to our brains. ⁣
March 02, 2021