Stationery - Honeycomb Planner

Are you looking for a way to stay productive and organized? Stationery, office supplies, and organizers can be more than just functional. They're also fun, stylish, and help keep you inspired every day. Here are seven ways to transform your desk.

Sketch Your Heart Away

Embrace your inner creativity with a stationery-inspired sketch journal. The "You're Sketchy" kit is a limited edition series with an A5 black deckle edge blank paper journal with white hand stitching the binding. An included set of 10 colored pencils comes with a classic pencil eraser. It also makes for a great gift with a clear top stationery gift box with ribbon and tag. 

Keep Your Babysitter Organized

Keep your babysitter or pet sitter organized with this unique and innovative notepad. The Babysitter Notepad keeps all the essential info in one place for all those details, schedules, and emergencies. It also comes with 50 sheets per pad with 8.5" x 5.5". 

Wear It in Style

Stationery and paper lovers can show off their passions in style. Our Paper & Plan Co. is super soft and the perfect companion for chilly, brisk days. This fleece hoodie comes with a signature "&" on the front and "The Paper & Plan Co" down the sleeves. 

Give It a Flourish

Stickers, colored pens, and flourishes turn your stationery into a work of art. Giving your papers a flourish can also help you stay more organized and efficient in the process. Our Post-It brand Page Flags tames your paper trails and enables you to organize your stacks of paper. 

Reach Your Goals

Research shows that writing down your goals helps you achieve them faster than just thinking about them. Whether using a notepad or a fun and efficient Honeycomb Planner, turn to the written word and empower yourself to reach your goals. Our planners make it easy to track your day, log your must-do's to reach your goals, track your fitness goals, and plan your meals.

Get Offline and Send Homemade Letters Home

Our Homemade Letters Home series in an increasingly digital world with Zoom calls gives you a tangible way to reconnect. It's a beautiful kit of off-white mixed recycled handmade writing paper; artisans hand-pick riverside long fiber reeds and blended them by hand. Our envelopes are naturally air-dried and rolled to achieve subtle texture. Write all your correspondence with high-quality number 2 graphite and a beautiful marble-like pattern.

Build a Collection of Stationery and Supplies

Grab your favorite papers, pens, organizers, and Academic Planner to stay organized. Why stop with just one or two items when you can build your own stationery and office supply collection. The Office Essentials Box packs in everything you need with Jots & Jolt Notebook, Magnetic Bookmark, Flag Page Markers Polaroid Pad, Task Pad, and Do First Pad.

Get Inspired

Get a ready-to-print Beautiful Day Download to stay inspired every day. It includes five different sizes so you can pick and choose which you want to frame and display in your office. It also makes for a fun gift for the go-getters in your life. 

Next Steps

Ready to start your own paper and stationery collection to stay organized and inspired? Shop our Paper & Plan collection now to organize your day with efficiency and style. 

September 28, 2021