Letters Home Kit - Stationery Items

If you're tired of the same standard stationery items, it's time to mix things up with a fresh approach. Enjoy a more customized approach to correspondence with some of these unique stationery items.

Letters Home

Show your loved ones how much you care with our intimate "Letters Home" series. The kit includes ten sheets of handmade paper and envelopes, seals, graphite pencils, eraser, pencil sharpener, and stationery box with ribbon. 

These stationery items make it possible to customize the communication experience. The gorgeous white-mixed recycled writing paper features riverside long fiber reeds mixed with plant and office paper. Even the pencils are luxurious and made from newspaper tightly rolled around high-quality graphite. Not only is it an intimate experience for the recipient, but it turns the acts of correspondence into a joy for you. 

Thank You Keeper Notepad

The act of sending thank you notes is meaningful to both you and the person receiving them. Studies show that both the letter writer and the recipient benefit from thank you notes through a greater sense of gratitude and happiness. The problem is keeping track of who you're sending notes to, especially after a special event like a wedding shower. 

Paper & Co's Thank You Keeper Notepad is fun, stylish, and simple to use. It features heavy-weight paper, a place to record all the info you need, and a check box to stay organized. Pair this thank you note list with our high-quality pens.

Signature PPC Rollerball Pen & Case

Keep your stationery and writing feeling fresh with this smooth matte black finish rollerball ink pen. The Signature PPC Rollerball Pen & Case comes with a convenient storage tube and has a non-smudge finish. It's left-handed approved and keeps your stationery looks fantastic.

Colored Pencils

Jazz up your stationery with a punch of color. Paper & Co's "You're Sketchy" kit features ten colored pencils and a classic eraser. Use the pencils for the accompanying blank paper journal, or use your favorite stationery to send your loved ones a customized note. These stationery items are packaged up in a stationery gift box, making them a perfect gift to yourself or someone else.

The Perfect Pouch

Keep all of your stationery accessories, pens, stickers, and notepads organized with The Perfect Pouch. You'll always have your stationery items handy and ready to go for quick correspondence. The Perfect Pouch is also perfect for storing your phone, chargers, and earbuds.

Ready to start customizing your communication with some fresh stationery items? Shop our Paper & Plan collection to turn the art of writing into your favorite part of the day.

September 14, 2021