How Organization Impacts Your Mental Health (and How a Planner Can Help)

If you're feeling overwhelmed by paper and clutter, you could be negatively impacting your mental health. Clutter could lead to decreased focus, confusion, and tension and may even contribute to depression. There's even research that shows clutter and chaos lead to weight gain.

The good news is getting and staying organized is within reach. Here's a look at how organization improves your mental health and sets your day-to-day up for success.

Decreases Stress


Getting organized is a compelling way to relieve stress and decrease anxiety. Instead of scrambling to remember details and find everything you need, staying organized creates more peace in your life.

A Daily Planner or Academic Planner can help by charting out your time, meetings, and to-do list to know precisely where you're going, what you need, and what your day will look like. 

Improves Sleep

Put your mind at ease by creating a clutter-free room that promotes relaxation. Your organized environment creates a more relaxing setting, but it also keeps your mind calm. Without worrying about everything you need to do and how to get it done, a planner keeps all of your info in one place and off your mind. 

Encourages a Healthier Lifestyle

If you're struggling to live a healthier lifestyle, the answer could be as simple as getting organized. You'll reduce stress, make better food choices, get more sleep, and feel more inspired.

Dedicate ten minutes a day to filling out your planner, getting on top of clutter, and creating space to live the healthy life you've been looking for.

Frees Up More Time


If you feel like you're always short on time, the culprit could be disorganization. Research shows that the average American wastes 55-minutes a week looking for misplaced items around their home. Instead of repeating the same scramble for lost keys and gadgets, create a system for organization success. 

Dedicate a space or grab a basket for essential items. Stock up on organizational accessories from task pads to office essentials to help keep you on task.

Increases Productivity

No one enjoys feeling stressed out and behind before the workday even begins. But you can increase your productivity by staying organized. When you're not wasting time looking for old emails, papers and tracking down meeting notifications, you have more time and mental capacity to work on essential tasks. 

Promotes Healthier Relationships

Our loved ones deserve our best selves, not someone stressed out and distracted. Being organized in our daily life also reduces our mental clutter. We can be more presented and vested in our personal and work relationships when there's space in our lives to focus. 

Helps You Reach Your Goals Faster


Are you frustrated by how slow it is to achieve the success you want? Goal setting and achievement can feel intimidating even with the best structure in place. With a chaotic approach, it's nearly impossible to reach goals in a reasonable time frame.

Instead of white-knuckling it through the journey, make space for your purposes by organizing them in a Daily Planner. 

The science is in! Neuroscience research shows that writing down your goals is strongly associated with success. 

Final Thoughts

We spend so much time improving our mental health and well-being that we overlook one obvious solution: Get organized. With the right tools and resources in place, staying organized can help reduce the chaos, stress, anxiety and promote the healthier and more balanced lifestyle you want. 

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October 17, 2021