10 Ways to Keep Your Memories Organized

Making memories is a rewarding journey, but the hard part is knowing what to do with them next. Do you keep those thousands of photos or purge it all? Find a balance between treasured memories and letting go of old keepsakes with these organizational tips.

1) Journal It

Even the sharpest memories will eventually lose track of details, dates, names, and faces. Keep your memories organized with a journal to notate important events. You can also add photos or your own drawings to a journal to personalize the experience and turn it into a work of art.

2) Turn Your Photos Into Videos

If you're drowning in digital photos, turn them into a video instead. Add music and make notes to turn the experience into a fun slideshow. Tools like iMovie, Moovly, or YouTube's video editor can help you get started making simple videos while you expand your skills. 

3) Start a Facebook Page or Pinterest Board

If you have endless photos and videos on your phone, upload them to your favorite social media channels for all to share. Create a dedicated Facebook Page devoted to your memories and share with friends and family. A Pinterest board is also an eye-popping way to keep your memories organized and within reach with just a few clicks.

4) Invest in Digital Frames

Digital frames are an innovative way to send photos and videos directly to your wall or desktop. Once you set up your frame, you can send memories directly to it with the help of an app or USB stick. You'll never have to take down the frame and swap out photos and instead just upload and set to shuffle through all of your memories slowly. 

5) Add Organization to Your Schedule

Organization doesn't just happen; it's something you need to set aside time for. Make a note in your Daily Planner to organize memories or photos once a week for about an hour.

Keep it manageable and bite-sized to avoid burning out on sorting through those precious keepsakes and letters. You'll stay motivated and look forward to the time if you pair the time with listening to music or a favorite podcast.

6) Create a Memory Wall

If you love physical photos but are overwhelmed with displaying them, create a central memory wall. Give yourself permission to expand your collection as much as you want while containing it to your special wall. To make it look cohesive and polished, try purchasing similar frames in bulk. 

7) Set Aside a Memory Box

Memory boxes are a fun way to stay organized with letters, photos, keepsakes, and mementos. Try storing them in a clear container or colorful bins color-coordinated by themes or events. When you're feeling nostalgic, you can grab the box and go through it. It's also an easy way to pass it down to friends and family.

8) Caption Your Photos

Do you ever feel like you're drowning in photos? Research estimates that the global population would take 1.44 trillion photos in 2020! Stay on top of your organization by captioning or making notes on your photos when you take them. You'll have more clarity on when and why you captured those moments and be ahead of the organization process. 

9) Grab a Basket

Sometimes there are just not enough hours in the day or month to devote to memory organization. Grab a basket and add your tangible keepsakes and mementos. Make it easier on yourself by putting a sticky note on your items, so you know what to do with them later. Once the basket is full, start organizing and putting away things or adding to memory boxes and books.

10) Let Go of the Clutter

Part of organizing memories is knowing which ones to hang onto and which ones to let go of. Make it a priority to delete old videos, throw out keepsakes that no longer hold sentimental value, and re-evaluate why you're holding onto things in the first place. Sometimes memories are better left as occasional visitors that wander through our minds instead of captured forever.

Next Steps

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November 08, 2021