Millionaire Success Habits: Those Using Planners and Calendars are 289% More Likely to be Wealthy

Money isn't everything, but financial independence and security is worth its weight in gold. We already know millionaire success habits include staying innovative, persistent, and coming to the table with something of value. But they also share some fascinating habits that all come back to organization and sticking to schedules.

Want to learn the millionaire success habits for yourself? Here are some insights on how successful people create wealth and stay on top.

Their Day Is Planned Out

The secret to wealth may be as simple as writing things down and charting out your schedule. According to CNBC, “Those who maintain both a calendar and to-do list are 289% more likely to be millionaires, as compared with those who have no real set schedule.”

They Hold Themselves Accountable

Millionaire Success HabitsMillionaires don't wait for someone to create wealth for them. They set ambitious goals, take action, and hold themselves accountable to the journey.

Surrounding yourself with like-minded individuals who help keep you accountable helps. Look for networking groups or meetups with other entreprenurs or financially ambitious goal-setters.

Keeping an accountability planner or journal also helps chart your progress towards success to supercharge your results.

They Know What Not to Focus On

You've probably heard of "to-do" lists, but millionaire success habits include making "to don't" lists. About a quarter, or 24% of self-made millionaires keep a to-don’t list, in addition to their to-do list. The strategy helps avoid time-wasting activities to focus on only the essential. 

They Plan Their Meals

Millionaire Success Habits - Academic PlannersSelf-made millionaires tend to be frugal and aren't afraid to reign in their budget, or at least not over-indulge. The average monthly grocery expense for millionaires is just $412. Meal planning is a must when you're trying to save money or eat healthier. And millionaires are also known to eat healthier to maintain their energy and productivity.

Don't let meal planning get the best of you. Reach for an academic planner that includes an area to plan out your meals, shopping lists, and anything else you need to live a productive and healthier day worthy of a millionaire. 

They Set Daily Goals

Setting weekly, monthly, and yearly goals are big wins for aspiring millionaires. Five-year plans are also a common strategy when you want to launch a business or get ahead. But you could be missing out on micro-goal setting habits. Join the scores of millionaires who also chart out daily goals. It makes sense. When you break down larger goals into small, bite-sized tasks on a daily basis, you're more likely to propel yourself to the financial success you're looking for.

They Create Time to Reduce Stress

Staying focused on our goals takes some serious persistence to reach millionaire status. Whether you're working towards a financial savings plan or launching a business, big goals are often stressful to maintain. 

Millionaire success habits include scheduling time into their planner or calendar to exercise and keep their anxiety and stress in check. The results are impressive. Even a brisk walk or other simple physical activity can provide hours of anxiety relief, which research shows is similar to taking an aspiring for a headache.

They Structure Their Life Around Their Goals

Millionaires success habits including structuring life around goals. Instead of squeezing to-do tasks into their life, they shape their daily activities around their goals. Try scheduling an earlier wake-up time, tasks that impact your financial goals, fitness, diet, and meetings that all get you closer to the millionaire status you're looking for. 

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July 26, 2021