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Perfect for a busy mom!

I love my planner! It keeps me sane most days! With the area for workout to dos and the notes! I have not felt this organized or accomplished I think ever! And now that I am a new mom it gives me so much peace of mind!


I absolutely love my 2021 planner in the Succulent design! The colors are bright and beautiful!

Love this Planner

I have used the same planner for years and years. But when I saw Emily come out with her planner I decided it was time for a change. This year is about a lot of growth for me and this planner is helping me stay on top of that. I love the format of the pages so you can plan each day by the hour. The quality of this planner is top notch.


I absolutely love this planner! I searched everywhere and this is exactly what I wanted. It keeps my whole day organized and there’s no time wasted at all!!

Best planner I've had yet

There's a lot of different models out there but none that have really been what I need. This thing has a "less is more" feel to it where it has what you need (schedule, notes, top 5) but enough space for you to fill it and if you want, be creative in the margins.

I really like how organized it is, and inclusive of things that are important to me; watching my water intake, daily exercise goals, top 5 priorities, etc.

Some things I would change/add:

1: "Today I'm grateful for:" at the bottom of the page. A small, daily reminder to be grateful for something in your life is important, especially on more difficult days and when you're early enough in your personal growth journey that you're not ready for a whole, separate gratitude journal.

2: I would like for the schedule to start a little earlier and go a little later. Start at 4 and end at 10. Maybe not everyone needs that but for some of us who rise and grind and live on the "24 hours in a day and you only need 8 of them for sleep" philosophy, it'd be helpful to have that option to plan out those early hours.

That's pretty much it on what I'd change, I really appreciate having found a nice, clean planner that isn't too small, doesn't have what I need to plan my day, has health and fitness goals and isn't cluttered. It has both structure and freedom and I'd definitely recommend it.